What are your most important customer service objectives?

The objective of customer service is to answer customer questions, resolve support issues, improve credibility, and nurture relationships.

By Andrew Gori, Sr. Director, content marketing

Published March 28, 2018
Last updated November 4, 2020

To provide insight into key customer service objectives, we spoke to some experts in the field. Read on to learn all about customer service objectives.

What is the common objective of customer service?

The objective of customer service is typically to interact with customers in order to answer questions, resolve support issues, improve credibility, and nurture relationships. Most, if not all, companies understand the need for providing customer service, particularly when it comes to the goal of improving customer retention and increasing the company's sales by boosting its reputation and maintaining customer loyalty.

Customer service resume objectives

A strong customer service resume objective should reflect your skills and experiences in contributing to the goals and objectives customer service attempts to achieve, and how that can impact the larger company mission. This might include your desire or ability to resolve customer complaints, improve customer satisfaction, or deliver on customer expectations.

Key customer service objectives, according to 3 experts

Mina Aiken, customer experience at Taylor Stitch

Mina Aiken Loyalty is something we strive to achieve with each and every customer we meet. To us, that involves demonstrating empathy, transparency, and above all, consistency. We know first impressions matter a great deal.

We also know that as a newer, younger brand, customers may be wary of our credibility. It usually takes a few consistently excellent experiences for a customer to feel connected and loyal to the brand. That awesome experience starts from the very first touchpoint, whether it be web, email, brick and mortar, or Instagram, and carries all the way through to when they're actually wearing our product. That's why every time we set out to do something, we ask ourselves, "Will our customer enjoy this?"

Matt Searle, support operations at VendHQ

Matt SearleThe most important objectives for customer service are to be timely and helpful. One without the other doesn't cut it. A 3-minute response time is no good if it contains nothing of value to the customer.

Similarly, an exhaustive and detailed response complete with bullet-points and annotated screenshots isn't much help if it takes 4 days to arrive. There are plenty of studies out there that will tell you that your first response time is the most important metric on a ticket—while it's good to keep track, don't be blinded by it. We learned the hard way that too great a focus on the first response will cause a delay on every subsequent reply to your customers.

Phil Holcombe, customer service at Nexmo

Phil HolcombeThe most important customer service objective? No problem. Really. Since customers demand rapid service, we set response and resolution time objectives. More importantly, satisfaction surveys allow us to measure customer perception of the quality of our support.

But since many customers prefer resolving issues themselves, we measure how many queries are resolved through our docs and knowledge base. But our most important goal is to remove any potential causes of dissatisfaction; to help the company better understand the customer experience, to produce ever-better products and services, so customers encounter ever-fewer problems.

So, if you're in customer service and looking to refresh your resume objective, consider the impact you can make on the goals and objectives of customer service. To keep your objective statement brief, focus on one to three things you can bring to the table to help foster a great customer experience-whether that's your ability to work with different types of customers, past experiences working in customer success, or customer relationship building skills.

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