Customer Stories: The Cuillin Collective

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The Cuillin Collective is a studio that does video, web design, and illustration. Made up of a husband and wife team based on a beautiful remote island, keeping in touch with their customers all around the world is always a top priority.
What are some of the challenges you face everyday. How does live chat help you resolve that?

Marc & Ailsa: It is really important that we know when a customer is on our site, how they found us, and if it is their first visit or not.

Zopim gives us the information we need and enables us to chat with the potential customer. This ensures that the visitor gets all the information they need in order to make a decision about our products and the service we provide.

What's your philosophy towards customer service?

Marc & Ailsa: At The Cuillin Collective, our philosophy is to be personal, friendly and professional. Once we get all the details confirmed for a project we like to be able to work alongside our customers each step of the way to ensure they are getting an end product that they are fully happy with.

We are reachable 14 hours a day through the live chat, and through email the rest of the day/night so our service is constant. We are on hand to answer any questions a customer or prospective customer has no matter what time of day it is or where in the world they are.

Marc does web and video at The Cuillin Collective
What is it about live chat that appeals to you?

Marc & Ailsa: When it comes to the services we offer, such as explanation videos and web design, our customers have lots of choices to make which can rarely be made on the spot. Our website and SEO does the legwork in terms of getting people to our site, but it isn’t the same process as ordering say a watch from a site where you just choose according to brand, price, style and colour, there are many more things to consider with our products.

The Live Chat function allows us to engage the customer instantly and start a conversation where they can ask all the questions they may have about The Cuillin Collective and our products. I think Live Chat is a massively helpful function for both the business and the customer which is missing from most sites in general.

How has it worked for you so far?

Marc & Ailsa: Zopim has worked great for The Cuillin Collective so far, we have seen an increase of 60-70% of traffic to customer conversions, which is great.

What are some of the main reasons why customers choose you over competitors, and how has live chat helped you in that aspect?

Marc & Ailsa: Everything at The Cuillin Collective is carried out in-house, which results in our end product being much cheaper than all of our competitors. Our customers read our prices on our site and elsewhere online but don’t believe that our prices are accurate or without additional charges, so they come online and instantly have the prices confirmed to them, which I think puts a lot of customers at ease.

Ailsa does design and illustration at The Cuillin Collective
How did The Cuillin Collective get started?

Marc & Ailsa: The Cuillin Collective was started when we lost our jobs and we had to find our own work on places such as eLance and oDesk, which led to us starting a smaller business which then became The Cuillin Collective as it is today. When we redesigned our website our main aim was to make our website much more user friendly, so adding a Live Chat function seemed a natural progression to be able to offer an enhancement to the personal service we have built our business upon.

Our customers love that when they chat to Marc or Ailsa, they are chatting to the people who physically create the videos and design the websites. The same goes for our content creation services; when you contact us, you get to speak to Tess directly. This personal service has really contributed to the success and growth of our business and Zopim has been a big part of it, it’s the main reason that we recommend them to all of our customers.

What makes it all possible?

Marc & Ailsa: Being based on a remote island in the North-West of Scotland may seem an odd location to have an internet-based business, and with only 0.5mb of broadband speed you might think it would be impossible? Having services like Zopim, GoogleDocs, Paypal and Kashflow actually make the whole process pretty easy. If it wasn't for services like these then our business would not be as successful as it is today. So no matter where in the world you may be, the internet will help us connect with you.