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Zopim gives you a bird’s eye view of your chat and agent activity so you have the data to ask the right questions.

Get more insight with Zopim Analytics

Improve your customer satisfaction and increase the efficiency of your team.


Track your chat volume and agent metrics to get a better idea of which days are the busiest.


Examine why chats are being missed and why wait times are increasing during certain periods.


Use the metrics to anticipate customer needs and increase satisfaction.

As a tech company, Invoice2Go is driven by data. So, Zopim Analytics allows them to gather even more information from their customer support team, especially within chat.

Analytics lets us identify key metrics like average handling time, customer satisfaction and total tickets received. This helps shed light on our support team's performance.

Make workforce decisions with Real-Time Monitor

Monitor actionable data on chat volume, visitor experience, and agent performance. This lets you keep an eye on your team and manage your support channels in real-time.

Browse the past with Chat History

Keep track of all past chat conversations and browse by date, department, agent, visitor or even a specific tag.

Stay notified with Daily Email Reports

Busy work day and no time to check Analytics? Get a daily digest of your account’s performance delivered straight to your inbox, complete with missed chats, average response time, satisfaction scores and much more.

Customize Zopim reporting with the REST API

Export chat, agent, and visitor data into third-party tools or build your own internal reporting dashboard. Zopim’s REST API is extensible and customizable

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Track sales conversions over chat

Zopim's integration with Google Analytics lets you track the ecommerce conversion rates of chat.

Create goals to monitor the success of your product pages
Optimize your conversations to increase order value
Monitor customer behaviour before and after using chat
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