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Nothing says you're enthusiastic about customer service and highlights chat on your website like a customized widget design

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Our customizable Chat Badges let you put an inviting face on the chat widget. You can choose from different layouts and themes, or even change the picture completely. Your choice.

"Zopim became one of Ason's many faces and live chat was our chance to impress. Traditionally, law firms are perceived as stuffy, over-formal and elitist, however, at Asons we take satisfaction in standing out from the crowd. So, it was crucial that our live chat supported such a reputation."

Remove the Zopim branding

Create a more professional chatting experience by removing Zopim’s branding from the widget.

Change widget behaviour with the JavaScript API

Our JavaScript API lets you change the way the widget looks and works on different pages on your website. Change the header, language, or even add a button to make it pop out.

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