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Zendesk Sell pricing
Annual Subscription Term (per seat per month) $19 $49 $99 $199
Monthly Subscription Term (per seat per month) $25 $59 $125 $249
Account Management
User limits Up to 3 users No user limit No user limit No user limit
Document storage 2GB/user 5GB/user 10GB/user 25GB/user
Data Imports

Duplicate Detection Ensure clean data and accurate reporting by defining your own merge logic. Quickly identify when records with the same information such as "company name" or "email" are getting created to avoid duplicates

Round Robin (automated distribution) Create distribution lists to automatically assign new leads or deals to your sales team in a rotational, round robin fashion.

Premium customer support
Sales Tracking
Number of sales pipelines 1 1 2 Unlimited

Customizable sales pipeline Every business has a unique sales process. Customize how deals move through your pipeline by customizing pipeline stages to reflect your sales cycle

Custom Data Fields, Filters, and Tags

Lead and Deal Scoring Define scoring formulas to quickly prioritize and know which leads and deals deserve your time and focus

Historical Sales Exports

Companies Hierarchy Selling to companies with multiple subsidiaries or to customers working for multiple companies? Build a hierarchy tree to clearly define parent/child company relationships

Product and Price Book
Tasks and activity tracking
Calendar integration
Task and appointment setting

Task automation Set triggers to have Tasks automatically created and assigned to specific users

Customized Notifications

Assign Collaborators Assign people in your organization as "collaborators" on deals to keep all relevant parties in the loop with updates or key items

@Mentions Call attention to coworkers when logging notes, calls, and visits to share updates, ask questions, flip deals to other reps, or however your team works together to close deals

Team document repository

Email integration with tracking (clicks & opens) Connect your email account to manage emails from within Sell and easily track how many times your emails get opened or links you share get clicked on. Get notified as soon as emails you send get opened

Bulk Emailing Send personalized bulk emails from Sell using custom templates to accelerate outreach and reach more prospects and customers

Unlimited Email Templates
Email Personalization Tags

Email Sentiment Analysis Sell analyzes linguistic patterns in your emails to identify and alert you of deals that are at risk

Voice and text

Text messaging (SMS) Send, receive, and manage texts from the desktop or mobile app to quickly touch base with prospects and customers

Call tracking and recording Make and receive calls from Sell to record conversations, automatically log calls, and leverage analytics that break down time spent on the phones. Available on desktop and mobile app

Click to dial (additional rates apply)
Call Scripts
Automated Power Dialer

Offline Mobile Access Access Sell wherever you go using the mobile app that syncs seamlessly with the web and supports offline access

Geolocation Find nearby prospects or customers, get directions, and log visits using geolocation

Visit tracking and GeoVerification Track in-person visits from the Sell mobile app. Using geolocation, Sell can verify if the Lead or Contact’s address stored in Sell matches the location of the user (optional)

Data and team management
Smart Lists
Smart List Templates

Required Fields Require your reps to fill out certain fields in order to create or take action on a lead or deal

'Editable by Admin Only' Data Fields

Single Sign-On (SSO) Simplify identity management and increase security compliance with your organization’s policies. Log in with a single click

Lead Capture Form Capture new leads who inquire through your website form so they're automatically added directly to Sell

Data Exports

Role-Based Permissions Multi-level data permissions with organizational charting to clearly define hierarchy, teams, and groups in your organization

API and integrations
Connect to Zendesk Support
Mailchimp Integration
Zapier integration
Core API
Pre-Built Code Libraries
Hubspot Integration
Firehose API
Sync API
Search API
Public apps and integrations
Private apps
Customizable sales dashboards

Sales Forecasting Get a clear understanding of predicted revenue and which opportunities are more likely to close

Goals Tracking Set individual & team goals for to track revenue or deal volume attainment. See clearly how everyone is tracking toward quota and who’s falling behind

Advanced Call Analytics

Activity Reports Analyze activity volume and compare outcomes across teams and individual reps

Rep performance dashboard
Advanced Sales Insight Reports
Success Insight Reports

Fill your pipeline with Reach

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Reach pricing
Annual Subscription Term (per seat per month) $19 $49 $99
Monthly Subscription Term (per seat per month) $25 $59 $125
Engagement automation features
Email sequences Up to 50 active enrollments / seat Up to 300 active enrollments / seat Unlimited enrollments / seat
Sequence reporting
Prospecting & enrichment features
Enrichment credits per seat per month 1,000 3,500 10,000
Prospecting credits per seat per month 25 150 300
Company phone numbers
Direct dial phone numbers
Company technology stack

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