Why Choose Zopim?

Because we're serious about Customer Wow

Don't just take our word for it. We have won numerous awards and have been featured in major publications. More importantly, tens of thousands of businesses worldwide trust and use Zopim on their websites. That's more precious to us than any other accolades, really.

Voted as one of the best

We are here for you.

Our product, customer service and response time set us apart from the rest. We are dedicated to providing you with the best service and support, wherever you are.

Enjoy open, honest conversations with us

Available > 12 hours a day

Short response times

We obsess over the small details...

We are incessantly preoccupied with delivering products that we are proud of. That means getting every single little detail right – from perfecting each pixel on the widget, to reducing the nano-second delays in message delivery.

We are proud artisans.

...and the big picture.

We never take our eyes away from big issues like reliability, and scalability. This is why our uptime has averaged 99.8% in the past year, and this year we aim to do even better.

We are proud engineers.

Our stellar track record

Instead of spending on advertising, we prefer to devote resources on product refinement, and developing our relationship with customers. Through word-of-mouth referrals, we have become one of the most popular live chat solutions out there. We aim to maintain this record.

2 millionchats per month
18 millionmessages per month
850 millionpageviews per month

We love the things you love

Zopim works great by itself, and even better when you use it along with other popular applications from the rest of the web world.

We are good folks too

We treat everyone - customers and fellow colleagues alike - the way we ourselves wish to be treated, with integrity and sincerity. We are passionate and love what we do. The intersection where work, fun and friendship meets is where we aim to be every single day. We are proudly, Zopim =)