Referral Programme

Spread customer satisfaction and make money!

Earn rewards when your friends sign up for a paid Zopim plan! Zopim gives you 100% of the first month's payment and 10% of subsequent months' payment.
For life.

Fantastic Payout

You've done the hard work of introducing Zopim to your friend. Why not earn 100% (ALL) of the first month's subscription when your friend upgrades. That's fair to us and fabulous for you.

Be rewarded for life

As long as your friend continues his subscription, you continue earning 10% of his monthly subscription. For life. Build up a large pool of referrals and earn a steady stream of passive income.

Be rewarded the way you like

Claim your rewards through PayPal or Zopim Credits. Take your pick. Cash out through PayPal once you have accumulated $20. Alternatively, you can earn Zopim credits to offset your next Zopim bill.

Award winning software

Referring is easy because Zopim's award-winning chat software is one of the best in the market. More than ten thousand businesses sign up for our product every month. Spread the word. Our website and product will do the selling for you!

Still have questions on how the referral program works? Visit our FAQ.